"On Sunday nights when my boyfriend and I are making dinner or hangin out, we tune in and we instantly start being sweeter to each other. It's good to be reminded."
-Sarah Watts

"After listening for the first time, I realized I had been a real b•••• to my husband. It was clear I needed to start practing "Loving Communication."
-Johanna Starks

‘The Goddess to Goddess Empower Hour’  is like a breath of fresh air. It’s giving me an understanding of women that is allowing me to more deeply connect with my wife and my daughter, two of the most important relationships in my life. Thank you for sharing such great information.”
- Gary Schnitzer

We've taken the opportunity to first define a contemporary Goddess accurately for those who may think it’s some "far out" concept, or a mythological figure, or a "holier than thou" image. As you can see by the definition, it is none of those things. Your "Goddess Self" represents you at your best, the authentic you. You’ll know when you are connected with your Goddess Self because you will feel confident, centered, capable, loving, excited about life and filled with gratitude. And ladies, it feels great! Every woman is a Goddess regardless of age, nationality, religious belief, or any other differentiating factor. And the extent to which you recognize this fact dictates the
level of fulfillment you will experience
in your day-to-day life.
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